Sunday, January 23, 2011

In the Land of the Pharohs

First introduction to Kushery = the bomb diggity

 So after a week of resting, hiding away from the world, and going to bed way past my bed time ( :-p) I do believe that it is time I informed ya'll on my wonderful adventurous trip to Egypt. Ever since I was little I had listened to my Mom tell me stories of her and her friends traveling through Europe, or Carla who was like a big sister, put thumb tacks in a map of the world showing where she had been. (By the way I think that is the COOLEST thing and can't wait to start mine when I get back.) But never once had I ever thought about going to Egypt. It had never crossed my mind. But I am glad that it crossed Germeens cause it's one trip that I will never forget. After seeing fireworks explode outside the Maxwell wall Tyson, Jess and I were dropped off at the airport to start our adventure. Note 1: Not having to take your shoes off when you go through security is pretty bomb, just sayin. We arrived in Cairo the next morning and after resting at Germeens house she and her brother John, and their mom Janet showed us the night life of Cairo. Note 2: The day begins at 9:00 pm. Everyone and their mother is out roaming the streets; shopping, eating, was amazing.

In Giza checkin out the pyramids
The next day was amazing! After being terrified that my knife would be taken by security (yea I know...) we walked up the hill and saw the Pyramids! So astonishing to look up and see these huge pieces of history towering over us. And not only being able to see them, but stand on them, and even check out the inside as well. Sweet!

At Karnack Temple

Before we had left Kenya we had planned on going to Luxor. Oh man, what a place. I can say that Luxor was definitely my favorite time in Egypt. Besides the flirty men (which were everywhere! one man offered me 43 camels...just for my hair!) it was an experience. After riding all night on a train we got to Luxor and immediately hit the streets. The first stop was the Karnack Temple. One word: columns. They were everywhere, an not not just in Karnack, but every other temple we went to as well. It was a fun first experience, getting to learn about Ramses, the god of fertility (haha) Horus, and a whole bunch of other things too. Later that night we went on a boat ride on the Nile. We went on a ride when we were in Cairo, but that was more of a party boat. This one we could relax and got to learn more about the area and history from Paula, the wonderful lady who bent over backwards for us. Her husband owns the hotel we stayed at and she gives tours and such to her fellow Columbians.

Our new Columbian friends.
We had a blast with this group.

Even though seein all the temples, goin to Aswan,  going shopping, and meeting new people I think the best night was the party that was on the roof of our hotel. A new group from Columbia had come in and they were havin a welcome party which she invited us too. Granted we were the only greengos there and our Spanish was not really up too par. But after some uncomfortable dance lessons....well lets just say we didn't go to bed till late :-D
Once we were back in Cairo it was fun being able to hang out with Germeen, Sandy, and John again. Oh they are so much fun. Note 3: If invited to an Egyptians house you will be greeted with open arms and lots of food. Speaking of food, it was very good. I would tell you what they were but I know I am going to butcher the spelling so I guess you'll just have to ask me in person some time :)

Our new Egyptian friend teaching us
to his market both :)
We stayed in Cairo again for another couple of days, where we relaxed at home, started mastering the Metro station (is was a slow process, literally), and went bowling with Germeen, her cousin, and friends. It was really cool going to church on Sabbath. It just blows my mind that even though the world seems so big and sometimes we feel like we as Adventist aren't getting the Word out about Christ we still have churches all over the face of the earth. And yes, there was a translater there.

I'm at a castle! Woot!

 Our next stop: Alexandria. Pastor Wagdy (Germeens uncle) was so kind to us and we were so grateful for the rooms that he let us rent from the church. Once again another cool place to go visit. There isn't too much there but there are some things such as the Citadel castle, the Alexandria Library ( Grandma you would have passed out seein this thing), the Roman ruins, and seein the Mediterranean Sea. After spending a couple days in Alexandria we ended out trip with a good Saturday night outing with the SM's from NUA. I thought it was funny how we here at Maxwell are almost all girls, but at NUA it's all boys and one girl. To say the least Tyson was glad to be with some guys. We went ice skating at a mall in town, ate some McDonald's (yes we were lovin' it) and did some bull ride
MAA & NUA unite for a fun Saturday night.

All in all it was a great Christmas present/ trip and I am blessed that I was able to go. I always thought that traveling the world would just be a dream, and not something I could actually do. But I'm very glad that I can :)
Egypt: you have left me with fond memories and plenty of reasons to go back. Whether that be to eat lots of iush, ful, and kushery. Or to stare death in the face while trying to cross the street. We shall meet again :)