Monday, August 30, 2010

Morning Thoughts

Well it's Monday morning and so far this week has gone good. Not much has really been happening in the dorm, most of the girls are behaving well. I love that I am getting to know them more. I can talk to them more about what's going on with them and joke and laugh with the. Kesly was so funny last night. She had a splinter in her finger and asked if I had anything to take it out with. I silently reached in my pocket and pulled out my knife and switched the blade open. Her eyes got so big haha it was soooo funny."Um Miss Cassie, are your being serious?" Glad to say the splinter is out and she still has her finger. Then Wanjiru came in later that night and said, "Miss Cassie I have something on my back" I pull up her shirt and touch where she things it is.She jumps and says yep that's it, what is it. My reply: a zit. Haha I start dying of laughter as she silently pulls her shirt down and walks out of the office. I really love these girls, more when I don't have to be a police for dress code but even then it's not too bad. I'm even getting to know my RA's better too where we can just talk about the day and how things are going.
I don't know if it's because school is going here for the students or because I'm in a different place, but I feel like I need a change. Yes, I know I'm experiencing a big one right now. But...I want a change. I want a new start. I don't know why I'm thinking like this but I just feel that I need to get my act together, grow up (a little) and make a change. I don't know where my life is headed but I know that everything I have gone threw has been for a reason. Leaving Southern meant me going to Andrews, which led me to come to Africa which will lead me to....who know's where. I'm realizing that my life is a very large map, and when I look back and see where and what I've gone through I know that things can only be better up a head. Whether that's here or there I'll have to find out and see.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

What a day

It's cool and hazy out this morning from the rain that we had all last night. It's one of those days where you want to sit by the window and curl up with some hot tea and just watch the day go by. Even though I'm not watching the day go by I am sitting here with a cup of Strawberry and vanilla tea, which is something all of it's own. The last twenty four hours has been pretty nuts. But first I should say how nice Friday night was. We had faculty families after vespers which is where a group of students come over to faculties house. Ours was fun. Violoetta had a nice game that helped up get to know each other and then we had ice cream and biscuits after. From there I went to the dorm where we had tea and biscuits. It was nice just bein able to hang out with the girls and just talk with them on a different level. I really hope that will happen more through out the year. Which I'm sure it will, it'll just take time for me to figure out my footing.
I now know what everyone was talking about when they would say that the girls dorm is nuts and that I better get ready. Part of me feels like I got a bucket of ice cold water in the face. We had to confiscate a phone for two weeks because we found out that it was an illegal phone. Meaning that it was the second of two phones, in which it was not being turned in and was being used after lights out. After figuring it out it went fine, actually not bad at all. The wake up call came Sabbath morning.
I think I'm really going to start complaining to the dress designers or something cause there is no need for dresses to be so short! Sad to say the first girl we called didn't take it too well and ended up slamming her door and crying for a bit. Lets just say she wasn't too happy with us the rest of the day. I called back a couple of other girls and they were totally fine with it, which I'm glad because that's just a tough spot when they don't. Part of me already feels like I'm the bad person. And I know that that is part of the job desciption, in a way, but it's not one that I want with the girls all year. Oh well, atleast now I know who I am going to have to put up with.
After all that I felt really drained and was wanting just a good church service. And to say the least, I really like the church service here at Maxwell. They are very conservative, with hymns and it's just nice. I like it. Very much like the Shafter church. Well in a way.
Later that afternoon they had activities, one of which was taking water to a near by village. It's been pretty dry here the last few months, and the river water isn't exactly the cleanest. And oh what I needed! At first the kids didn't know what to do. And well neither did we. But after a few demonstrations of patty cake and ring around the rosy, the kids we're playin left and right. We played Simon Says, and Red Light Green Light, and it was just such a blessing. I swear if I could take all of the kids home with me I would! There so beautfil. When we got back it was time for vespers and then supper and then......ASB Maxwell Handshake!!
The Maxwell Handshake is the welcome back social that they do every year. And lets just say after about 80 or so kids plus staff, your tired. And no it's not a hand shake like a regular one. Haha I dont know if I can even explain it. You hit fists, then you hit the opposit foot to the other persons opposit. You bump hips and then you give a "church hug". It was a lot of fun. After we played fruit in a basket, musical chairs, and had a relay race. It was really nice cause when the girls came around that weren't oo thrilled with us deans, it's like they forgot all about it and we all just had a good time.
So was fun.
As for today we are getting the monitors work schedule up, our work schedule up, and working on the "fashion show" for the dress code tonight.
Let the first full week start!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

An over due update

So.....there has been a lot, and I mean a lot, of things that I have been meaning to blog but the days have just gone by too quick! So before I head off to staff meeting I figured now is as good a time as ever.

Last Friday after sundown we had a dedication service for the school year. All the staff gathered in the church where Pastor Kent had a service and we prayed over all the teachers, buildings, staff, ect. After we had a communion service, which I will say truelly touched my heart. I am just so blessed to be here! And it just really warms my spirit to know that God wanted and chose for me to come here and serve Him for this year. Man...haha I'm just in awe.
Sabbath was spectacular!!! We all loaded the bus at 8(ish) and headed to Cresent Lake. It's a national park where you can picnic and hike around and see lots of  AMAZING animals!!! It totally rocked my socks :)
As soon as we drove into the park we saw Giraffes, and Gazelle. We had a little worship talk about creation and all the beautiful things that God created for us. And then we had wonderful lunch!....which we got bombed a couple of times by some Vervet monkeys. And yes, when I mean bombed I mean bombed, haha it was funny. We took lots of pictures and just had a really fun time together.
The hike was great we saw more giraffes, monkeys, gazelle, impalas, water buck, wildabeasts, zebra, and hippos!! It was soooo cool hehe ( yes, animals make me smile) Later that night when we got back the SM's, except for Thomas and Tomiko, went to the Doss's house and watched Out of Africa. Don't really know if there was a real point to it, but atleast I could say that I have been to those places in the movie.
Sunday began early with the first two girls arriving in the dorm. It was nice to get a jump start on things and meet some of the girls.By the end of the night we had about 7 girls checked into there rooms. Sad to say when some of the girls got here they weren't feeling good and I think it got passed to me or I ate something that didn't agree with me. Cause the night before registration I was sick, and not the fun kind. So yay for unexpected sickness's haha.
Yestuday was crazy! Lots of girls coming in asking questions, filling out policies, Moms asking questions, all that good stuff. To say the least by the end of the night I was pretty pooped.
I'm soo glad I have Susan here. She's so sweet and really nice, and yea she's just a great lady to work for.
And I love the dorm haha. Maybe since the parentals wouldn't let me go to MBA this is my way of being able to have a little boarding academy experience. Oh and it feels just like MBA too!! Yep that's right, it's over cast, and hazzy. Nice and cool where you'd want to curl up with a blanket. But yea, the dorms nice cause it does have its quiet moments and I can actually yell in the dorm and not get in trouble. Which I did when I was in highschool in the court yard, go figure!
I had worship this morning and the girls seemed pretty excited about the first day. Sad to say that wears off pretty quick.
I have my first town day today. I think I'll just run into town and grab what I need and relax and just work on some small things for the rest of the day. Sounds like a plan :)

So that's my update! Maybe not too detailed but atleast it's something.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yay for great nights and things falling together

Well staff week is still in motion, which I'm sure some of us wish that it wasn't haha. There isn't really much going because we are in meetings most of the day. It's been nice to be able to talk with Susan and get more of a feel for the "dorm life." I've been sort of intimidated because I'm the only SM here who didn't go to a boarding academy. So I sort of feel like I'm a few steps behind, but things are getting better!
I've been working on ideas for the dorm and the Prayer room that we'll have in one of the extra rooms. And I'm sooo excited because I found everything that I wanted at the store yesturday! I found glitter, I found rocks, and Nutella! Haha ok so that last one's for me but still, it made me very excited.
After we got all of the things at Junction we went to this amazing Italian resturant. And yes, apparently there are a lot of them Italian, Ethiopian, Indian...I have a feeling I'm going to have problems gaining weight rather then loosing it haha. But yes we had a very fun night. It's nice to go out and get off the compound every now and then.
This morning started off really good too, because I thought it would be cool for the girls dorm to have shirts! I found a website for it and it seems that it can can be done within a reasonable price range. Here's crossing my fingers!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Update from Maxwell

Well folks I have made it to Kenya safe and sound. I haven't written anything yet because today has been the first time that I could get internet set up. So alas, here is an update on my trip so far.
The flight over wasn't bad at all, not much sleeping was involved but I figured that would be good for once I got here. Jessica (my roomate and fellow Andrews partner) arrived at the airport at 9 o-clock. Unfortunetly getting threw customs can take awhile. But, that's not what took so long. British Airways some how felt that our luggage needed to spend some more time in London. to say the least Jessica got hers on Friday and I didn't get mine till Sunday. I'm really thankful for clean clothes.
I've gotten to meet a lot of the people and most of the staff here. They are all really sweet and friendly people. And of course, they are amazing cooks. I thought I was going to have a problem loosing weight....well I don't think that anymore. We've been able to go into town a couple times which is nice to see the "real" world ourside of the compound.
The other SM's and volunteers that are here are Germeen from La Sierra, Violetta from the Ukraine, Thomas from Andrews, Tomika from Alabama, and Tyson from Union. Of course come to find out my dad knowns Tysons parents. I just can't ever get away haha.
We've started staff week and I've been able to get a better understanding of what I am going to be doing as the assistant girls dean. I felt bad because that is my only job positsion, when others have about 4. But after talking with the Dean and the Principle it's for good reason.
The last couple of nights have been a lot of fun playing soccor and volleyball. Or I should say that volleyballs fun until my arms turn black and blue...then not so much.
Well I'm off to bed. Amazingly I think I've adjusted to the time change pretty well. There was only one night (Friday) when I was up pretty early, 4. Good to know that's not happening anytime soon.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Last Day

Well today us officially the last day in the U.S. Wow, I can't even believe that summer has flown by and that now within a matter of 24hrs I will be on a plane headed for Kenya. Completely mind blowing, overwhelming, and aw struck all at once.
Today will consist of one last ride with my horse :( saying goodbye to My Grandparents and other friends, dinner with my brother, last minute packing all throughout the day, and then of course running around like a chicken with her head cut off haha.
And now that I think about all that I have to do...I better get a move on.